Can you make me a Jalu floor lamp to my own specification?

The versatility of our material and designs also means that we can work directly with clients to design bespoke lamps that complement any design scheme. Please contact us to discuss you requirements.

Can I have a sample lamp?

Due to the nature of our lamps, we cannot provide product samples. However, we are happy to provide colour samples by post, or to discuss appropriate options for you to view one of our lamps. Just get in contact with us to arrange.

How do I know that your designs are unique?

Our designs are in the process of being design registered with the UK IPO. All the intellectual property in our designs belongs to Jalu Ltd and any infringements will be pursued vigorously.

How do I install my Jalu floor lamp?

Floor lamps should be positioned on a firm, flat surface and installed in accordance with the written instructions provided with your lamp.

Please follow our guidelines to optimise your experience with our lamps:

  • All our lamps are packed and dispatched following rigorous quality control to ensure that they arrive in the optimum condition. Care should be taken when unpacking or handling the component parts to ensure that they are not scratched or chipped. The lamp cast has been treated with a topical protector which means that dirt and light marks may be easily removed using a cloth and washing up liquid.
  • Jalu lamps are heavy but have been designed such that each component may be lifted by one person. However, care should be taken when lifting and moving these lamps.
  • The product has rubber feet to protect both the base of the lamp and the surface on which it is placed from scratching. However, when lifting, lamps should be supported at the base to protect from scuffing. Take care not to rock on to the base/corners of the cast as this could cause chipping or damage.
  • Jalu lamps have been designed as freestanding units. Technical advice should be sought if you require permanent fixings.
  • Jalu floor lamps are have been designed for both indoor and outdoor use, but are not submersible (rated IP65).
  • All our products are supplied with a high quality luminaire with a replaceable 5W GU10 LED bulb included (50W equivalent) to ensure excellent quality of light and high energy efficiency. Please note that under no circumstances should the LED bulb be replaced by a non-LED equivalent. This would render the lamp unsafe in terms of handling and fire risk. Max wattage permitted is 10W. Always allow sufficient slack in the supply cable in order to remove the luminaire from its holder or when changing position.
  • Each floor lamp is delivered with a 3.5 metre 230V cable and plug suitable for internal sockets or weatherproof external sockets (IP65) provided they are protected by an RCD. If in doubt consult a qualified electrician. Please ensure that the cable exits via one of the mouseholes and is routed safely to avoid damage by adjacent surfaces or sharp / heavy objects.

How do I clean my lamp?

All Jalu lamp casts are treated with a topical protector that means that any dirt and light marks may be easily removed using a cloth and washing up liquid.

Do I need to cover my floor lamp in winter or move it inside?

You are more than welcome to bring your lamp inside in winter in order to be able to enjoy it to its full potential. However, Jalu floor lamps are made to be robust, durable and weather resistant and designed to be left outdoors year round without the need for a cover.

Your Jalu lamp is guaranteed for temperatures > -10°C. In extreme weather conditions beyond this, it is advisable to move the lamps to a more protected location.

In rare circumstances, faints hairline cracks may appear as a result of extreme weather conditions but these will be superficial only and not structural in nature. The material has been developed to heal autogenously, and so cracks will not propagate or compromise the integrity of the lamp.

Can multiple lamps be wired together?

The luminaire features two cable glands for loop-in, loop-out wiring, with a minimum cable size of 1.0mm2. Any rewiring of our lamps should be done by a qualified electrician in accordance with electrical regulations. We strongly recommend using a fully qualified electrician to install networks of multiple lights. Please note that we are not responsible for problems occurring where installation was not carried out by a qualified electrician.

We are happy to supply the lamps without cable and plug for alternative wiring systems.

What do I do if the cable becomes damaged

If the external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire is damaged during use and requires replacement, or the lamp requires rewiring, this should be done by a qualified electrician in accordance with the prevailing electrical regulations. Note that the glands supplied with the luminaire are only suitable for use with 1.0mm2 H05RN-F cable.

Do you have options for a 12V system?

The luminaire is suitable for use with a 12V system. A 12V lampholder can be provided on request, and the luminaire would be supplied without lamp, cable, transformer and plug.

Can the lamps be placed near water?

The lamps are not suitable for submersion. They can be placed in Zone 2 or higher of a swimming pool area, but please ensure that you consult a qualified electrician if planning to place near a swimming pool.