A few words from Clinton Friedman...

We thought we would share with you a bit more about Clinton Friedman, the designer and inspiration behind our fabulous new collection of outdoor accessories. We first came across Clinton at the back end of summer 2018, and were instantly taken by his stunning designs and his unique and authentic approach to product design. We knew immediately we wanted to work with him and bring his distinctive designs to the UK.

Clinton started a photographic journey in 2003 that would culminate in the publication of his monograph Subtraction (2007):

Disguised, faded, bruised and torn. Chopped, stacked and waiting for purpose. This is how photographer Clinton Friedman first saw the broken aloes and various herbs on his first visit to a traditional muti (medicine) market in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa”.

Clinton undertook to rescue some of the dried and twisted specimens, return them to the soil, witness their miraculous ability to recover, and subsequently capture their natural, raw beauty (roots and all) in a series of photographs. These became the inspiration for all that was to follow...


We asked him to share a quick Q&A with his new audience:

1. What do you find so inspiring about the flora of South Africa?

It’s a feeling, a relationship; I have a deep love for this land

2. What originally motivated you to translate your photography into your first collection of products? 

It was a natural progression for me, I am always interested in learning new processes. I don't just stick to one channel of exposure and development so I guess this was just a natural step.

3. What is most important to you when it comes to your product design?


4. Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in South Africa, including the sourcing of most raw materials. We are very loyal to our suppliers and have been working with them for many years. I believe it is vitally important to build strong healthy relationships with your suppliers to sustain a healthy business, for without them you only have an idea - they make your ideas materialise.

5. What is your favourite design, and why?

Natural Curiosities. It embodies all that CF stands for - BOLD, GRAPHIC, INDIVIDUAL, ABSOLUTE & HONEST.

6. Where do you see your designs evolving in the future?

I am forever seeking new adventures in design, so you can be guaranteed that the evolution will continue, but where the future will lead I can’t say.