Now is the time to invest in your outdoor living space

Do you have strings of fairy lights strung around your living room? Or a plastic ‘rattan look’ coffee table? For the majority of us beyond the initial years of house ownership, the answer is no…. We take pride in those areas of our homes where we relax with our family and entertain friends, and commit significant amounts of our hard earned income on stylish, good quality furniture and finishes that reflect our tastes and will last for many years to come. We regularly buy magazines on home design and follow our favourite social media accounts and bloggers to provide inspiration as to how we want our living spaces to look.

So why then, when it comes to our patios, terraces and gardens do we lack the same enthusiasm? ‘The weather in the UK is rubbish - it’s not worth spending money on outdoor furnishings’, ‘There’s so much cheap furniture available, we might as well just replace it when it breaks/fades/blows away…’

But investing in a few high quality items of outdoor furniture and accessories – just as you would a coffee table or a floor lamp for your living room – could transform how you use your outside spaces by making them more attractive and accessible, and saving you money in the long run. It will encourage you to spend more time enjoying this extension of your living space, whilst increasing the opportunities for alfresco dining and entertaining.

Innovation in material science and product design mean that an increasing number of exciting options designed for the UK climate are being developed. You don’t have to stick to the traditional garden sculpture or swing chair either – a myriad of stylish and high quality designs are available from British designers and manufacturers.

Jalu outdoor floor lamps are a case in point. Handmade from a novel material that provides both durability and aesthetics, they present a beautiful and contemporary focal point in any setting during the day whilst providing ambient lighting to enhance your outdoor space in the evening. At the same time, they can be left out year round to be enjoyed from the view from your window during the winter. They will look and perform just as well in 3 years’ time as they do today. And if you want a change you can swap the coloured modules around on our stackable Holix design or add new elements, such as a table top, to update the look; all available from this modular ‘plug and play’ collection.

So think again about your patio, roof garden or terrace….Take a look at the amazing options that are out there. If you invest a similar level of love and attention here as you have inside your home, it will be money well spent.