Outdoor lighting - a new approach!

Dare to be bold with your outdoor lighting this year!

Available options are generally quite limited and broadly speaking one of two types:

  1. Functional and minimalistic to provide lighting for pathways, drives, and key features (typically ‘bollard’ designs or fixed up/down lighters, often concealed).
  2. Decorative floor lamps or hanging lampshades / chandeliers (e.g. those reminiscent of indoor furnishings, lanterns, or large, ‘glowing’ orbs or features).

Each has its place in a given setting, and many are well designed and crafted.

But where are the options to deliver ambient lighting at the same time as providing a sophisticated design feature in its own right (both during the day and night), that takes pride of place, and which is truly robust and weatherproof?

Jalu lamps have been designed to address this gap in the market and open up new opportunities for the design of your indoor/outdoor spaces. Our lamps represent an alternative approach for integrating beautiful lighting within your scheme.

Our products are supplied with a high quality LED luminaire with a replaceable 5W GU10 bulb included (50W equivalent) to ensure excellent quality of light, high energy efficiency and long life. Each lamp is delivered with a 3.5m 230V cable and plug suitable for internal sockets or weatherproof external sockets (IP65), provided they are protected by an RCD. Each Jalu lamp is guaranteed for five years at temperatures > -10°C, and each cast is treated with a topical protector so that any dirt and light marks may be easily removed using a cloth and washing up liquid. They have been developed to be left outside during the winter, but may equally well be moved inside to light conservatories, hallways or pools.

At the same time, our unique handmade lamps can be made to order in a colour or finish to suit your individual design requirements and reflecting your personal style.

How bold do you dare to be in 2017?