A few words from Clinton Friedman...

We thought we would share with you a bit more about Clinton Friedman, the designer and inspiration behind our fabulous new collection of outdoor accessories. We first came across Clinton at the back end of summer 2018, and were instantly taken by his stunning designs and his unique and authentic approach to product design. We knew immediately we wanted to work with him and bring his distinctive designs to the UK.

Clinton started a photographic journey in 2003 that would culminate in the publication of his monograph Subtraction (2007):

Disguised, faded, bruised and torn. Chopped, stacked and waiting for purpose. This is how photographer Clinton Friedman first saw the broken aloes and various herbs on his first visit to a traditional muti (medicine) market in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa”.

Clinton undertook to rescue some of the dried and twisted specimens, return them to the soil, witness their miraculous ability to recover, and subsequently capture their natural, raw beauty (roots and all) in a series of photographs. These became the inspiration for all that was to follow...


We asked him to share a quick Q&A with his new audience:

1. What do you find so inspiring about the flora of South Africa?

It’s a feeling, a relationship; I have a deep love for this land

2. What originally motivated you to translate your photography into your first collection of products? 

It was a natural progression for me, I am always interested in learning new processes. I don't just stick to one channel of exposure and development so I guess this was just a natural step.

3. What is most important to you when it comes to your product design?


4. Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in South Africa, including the sourcing of most raw materials. We are very loyal to our suppliers and have been working with them for many years. I believe it is vitally important to build strong healthy relationships with your suppliers to sustain a healthy business, for without them you only have an idea - they make your ideas materialise.

5. What is your favourite design, and why?

Natural Curiosities. It embodies all that CF stands for - BOLD, GRAPHIC, INDIVIDUAL, ABSOLUTE & HONEST.

6. Where do you see your designs evolving in the future?

I am forever seeking new adventures in design, so you can be guaranteed that the evolution will continue, but where the future will lead I can’t say.

Now is the time to invest in your outdoor living space

Do you have strings of fairy lights strung around your living room? Or a plastic ‘rattan look’ coffee table? For the majority of us beyond the initial years of house ownership, the answer is no…. We take pride in those areas of our homes where we relax with our family and entertain friends, and commit significant amounts of our hard earned income on stylish, good quality furniture and finishes that reflect our tastes and will last for many years to come. We regularly buy magazines on home design and follow our favourite social media accounts and bloggers to provide inspiration as to how we want our living spaces to look.

So why then, when it comes to our patios, terraces and gardens do we lack the same enthusiasm? ‘The weather in the UK is rubbish - it’s not worth spending money on outdoor furnishings’, ‘There’s so much cheap furniture available, we might as well just replace it when it breaks/fades/blows away…’

But investing in a few high quality items of outdoor furniture and accessories – just as you would a coffee table or a floor lamp for your living room – could transform how you use your outside spaces by making them more attractive and accessible, and saving you money in the long run. It will encourage you to spend more time enjoying this extension of your living space, whilst increasing the opportunities for alfresco dining and entertaining.

Innovation in material science and product design mean that an increasing number of exciting options designed for the UK climate are being developed. You don’t have to stick to the traditional garden sculpture or swing chair either – a myriad of stylish and high quality designs are available from British designers and manufacturers.

Jalu outdoor floor lamps are a case in point. Handmade from a novel material that provides both durability and aesthetics, they present a beautiful and contemporary focal point in any setting during the day whilst providing ambient lighting to enhance your outdoor space in the evening. At the same time, they can be left out year round to be enjoyed from the view from your window during the winter. They will look and perform just as well in 3 years’ time as they do today. And if you want a change you can swap the coloured modules around on our stackable Holix design or add new elements, such as a table top, to update the look; all available from this modular ‘plug and play’ collection.

So think again about your patio, roof garden or terrace….Take a look at the amazing options that are out there. If you invest a similar level of love and attention here as you have inside your home, it will be money well spent.

Three compelling reasons to buy from small businesses in the UK

In the current economic climate, with Brexit looming and imports gradually becoming more expensive in the light of the associated fall in sterling, you would expect UK manufactured products to become more attractive to the home market.

However, there are much more compelling reasons for working with UK based suppliers, especially small and micro businesses (including Jalu Ltd):

  1. Personal working relationships and strong customer service – often with a direct line to us, the business owners. As a small business, we compete with larger competitors by providing a more ‘hands on’ approach and personalised customer service.
  2. Nimble and flexible – we can respond quickly to a change in market trends and customer demand, and often work closely with our clients to develop bespoke and unique products.
  3. Exceptional craftsmanship – creative design and manufacturing skills in the UK are amongst the best in the world and we are able to produce innovative, high quality and hand crafted products that cannot be sourced elsewhere.

Sound commercial and pragmatic reasons to take another look at the UK supply base and to engage with small businesses. Come and talk to us and see what we can do for you!

Outdoor lighting - a new approach!

Dare to be bold with your outdoor lighting this year!

Available options are generally quite limited and broadly speaking one of two types:

  1. Functional and minimalistic to provide lighting for pathways, drives, and key features (typically ‘bollard’ designs or fixed up/down lighters, often concealed).
  2. Decorative floor lamps or hanging lampshades / chandeliers (e.g. those reminiscent of indoor furnishings, lanterns, or large, ‘glowing’ orbs or features).

Each has its place in a given setting, and many are well designed and crafted.

But where are the options to deliver ambient lighting at the same time as providing a sophisticated design feature in its own right (both during the day and night), that takes pride of place, and which is truly robust and weatherproof?

Jalu lamps have been designed to address this gap in the market and open up new opportunities for the design of your indoor/outdoor spaces. Our lamps represent an alternative approach for integrating beautiful lighting within your scheme.

Our products are supplied with a high quality LED luminaire with a replaceable 5W GU10 bulb included (50W equivalent) to ensure excellent quality of light, high energy efficiency and long life. Each lamp is delivered with a 3.5m 230V cable and plug suitable for internal sockets or weatherproof external sockets (IP65), provided they are protected by an RCD. Each Jalu lamp is guaranteed for five years at temperatures > -10°C, and each cast is treated with a topical protector so that any dirt and light marks may be easily removed using a cloth and washing up liquid. They have been developed to be left outside during the winter, but may equally well be moved inside to light conservatories, hallways or pools.

At the same time, our unique handmade lamps can be made to order in a colour or finish to suit your individual design requirements and reflecting your personal style.

How bold do you dare to be in 2017?

Bringing the inside, out!

Spring 2017 is fast approaching, and we have launched our first collection of floor lamps in time to offer something new for designers in the UK.

Over the past five years, the market has become increasingly sophisticated and demanding in terms of optimising outdoor living space, and there is a clear trend towards blurring the lines between interior and exterior living spaces. This can be achieved in a number of ways, e.g. clever use of flooring materials, colour, furniture and soft furnishings. However, lighting is critical in realising the full potential of an extended outdoor lifestyle.

Whilst much of what is available on the market today is high quality and effective, it tends to lack any distinct style or uniqueness. Decorative lighting is far more common in those parts of the world where – not surprisingly - the weather provides distinct advantages for outdoor living, such as Southern Europe and the USA. In setting up Jalu, we took a long hard look at what designers in these markets were using, but came to the conclusion that there remains scope to develop a range of decorative lighting to reflect the needs and aspirations of the UK market.

We have thus developed our first two collections to provide a combination of attractive aesthetics together with durability and functionality to address the vagaries of UK weather! The flexibility of our material also means that we can also work with clients to create colours and finishes that fit specifically with their design schemes.

2017 will see a strong move towards bringing the inside, out… Jalu intends to work closely with both designers and clients to demonstrate how our lamps can contribute style and impact to this trend.