Jalu is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with South African designer Clinton Friedman.

Conscious by nature
 All images courtesy of Clinton Friedman©

All images courtesy of Clinton Friedman©

Clinton Friedman started making images in 1997 as a visual arts student in the port city of Durban, South Africa. In 2003 he started a photographic journey that would culminate in the publication of his monograph Subtraction (2007). Inspired by the medicinal plants seen in a traditional muti (medicine) market in South Africa, Clinton undertook to rescue some of the dried and twisted specimens, return them to the soil, witness their miraculous ability to recover, and subsequently capture their natural, raw beauty (roots and all) in a series of photographs.

The collection of botanical images thus celebrates the healing power of these plants - their ability to restore life to themselves and to humans. It defined the unique style that has become the Clinton Friedman brand: a celebration of life that is bold and graphic, absolute and honest.

All images from the Clinton Friedman collections are original and translated by him into a  range of authentic products. These are made by small family-run businesses in South Africa, with whom he has long standing relationships and where the focus is on quality and integrity.