Jalu floor lamps create an enticing atmosphere through a combination of light, shape and texture – bringing the inside out, and providing a bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces. They make a contemporary statement in any residential or commercial setting, including garden rooms, foyers, courtyards, patios, terraces and gardens.

Our elegant but bold, proprietary designs are hand cast by British craftsmen from an innovative and versatile material, developed specifically for outdoor applications. It combines strength and aesthetics, with the ability to replicate the appearance of natural or manmade finishes. The lamps are robust, durable and weatherproof making them a year round feature. Each lamp is made to the same exacting standards, yet has its own distinct character.

Jalu floor lamps are available in a palette of complementary or contrasting colours and finishes, allowing clients to select the best match for a particular setting. They can be positioned to optimise visual impact as standalone features, or as multiple elements integrated within a landscaping scheme. As freestanding units, they may be moved inside or out, to ring the changes.

The nature of our material and designs also means that the company can work directly with clients to create bespoke products for specific interior or exterior design schemes.

Each lamp is supplied with a high quality luminaire with a replaceable 5W GU10 LED bulb included (50W equivalent) to ensure excellent quality of light and high energy efficiency, and delivered with a 3.5 metre 230V cable and 13A plug suitable for internal or external sockets. Alternatively it can be installed by a registered electrical contractor to meet the needs of your interior or landscape design.

Jalu lamps are CE marked and guaranteed against frost damage for 5 years.